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Wright & McGill Plunge Fly Fishing Rod Collection Review

Wright & McGill Plunge Fly Fishing Rod Collection Review


This kit is perfect for beginners and great if you want to hit the water immediately.  It has everything you need, and the fly rod comes with backing and line all setup and ready to go.

One thing that fly fishing newbies might appreciate is that the kit comes with an Essentials Of Fly Fishing DVD, so new enthusiasts won’t look totally clueless on their first outings.

What’s Included

Included in this kit are:

  • Graphite four-piece fly rod
  • Large arbor fly reel with tools, floating fly line, & flies
  • DVD with Instructions

Customer Feedback

With a top 5 ranking in Amazon’s Fly Fishing Rods category and an average of 5 stars based on 6 reviews, it is definitely one of the more popular fly rods.


Some excerpts from reviews on this product:

“You can literally purchase this kit and be fishing on a river or lake within minutes…” by n8r1 on 4/26/12

“I got help from a friend who has been instructing fly fishing for 30 years. When he went over the components, knowing what I had paid, he complemented me on making a great decision…” by imaginate on 6/2/13

“Husband Happpy, I’m happy…I wanted to get him a multi-purpose rod to take about and this fits the bill…” by Jasmyne Laryssa on 12/28/12

If you’re looking for a beginner kit for yourself or as a gift for a new fly fishing enthusiast, you can’t gone wrong with this pick. Very beginner-friendly with the fly rod already prepped with line & backing, and the included tools help save money versus buying each one separately.

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Sport Fishing & Nutrition

Sport Fishing & Nutrition

These photos were submitted by one of our readers.  Fly fishing enthusiast Mike is also a competitive cyclists and co-founder of an endurance supplement company, so we picked his brain on possible nutrition tips for sports fishing.

Mike says he likes to take his dog and head deep into the Utah wilderness to camp for several days.  It takes around 8 hours of hiking to get to his destination, so the stream is untouched and stocked with tons of trout.  He said he catches and releases non-stop at his favorite secret spot.

photoHe suggests bringing an electrolyte drink to stay hydrated when out in the sun for long periods of time, especially if hiking is involved.

After a long day of hiking uphill, a serving of Ultragen recovery drink delivers protein and other nutrients to your  leg muscles quickly so your body feels fresh the next day.  No fun fishing all weekend if you’re stiff and sore from the hike in.

Since he releases the trout rather than eating them, Ultragen powder mix is easy way to pack protein into his camping spot.  It doesn’t require refrigeration like meat and is light and easy to fit in his pack.

In addition to nutritional supplements, he also advises to always pack a first-aid kit.  He once received a severe injury to one of his feet after he made the hike up.  Fortunately he had friends with him.  He wrapped the cut and hobbled down the next day.  The 8 hour trip took quite a bit longer and he had to leave some supplies behind.  He was too far from any cell towers so couldn’t even call for help.  The first-aid kit was a huge help.




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Fly Fishing Zen

This beautifully filmed video presents the art of fly fishing as an almost spiritual experience.

It features young urban professionals who escape the city life for the tranquility and solitude of the Eucumbene River in Australia’s Snowy Mountains.

One young man discusses how fly fishing brings him into a meditative state.

The cinematography, gorgeous scenery, and minimal soundtrack create an incredible atmosphere. Casting becomes moving meditation.

The video was created by BERT Magazine for an article titled Fly Away From It All.

Do you have a favorite artistic video or photo that you feel captures a special aspect of fly fishing?  If so, please share in the comments.

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Scott Radian Fly Rod Review

Scott Radian Fly Rod Review

New High-Tech Masterpiece

The early buzz on Scott’s Radian Fly Rod is extremely positive, both for its new performance enhancing features and for its highly appealing cosmetics.

Scott’s tagline for their new fly rod is “fast meets feel”, and they claim that with the Radian anglers no longer have to sacrifice “touch and feel” when they want “power & line speed”.

According to Scott, the way they were able to achieve this is “we dramatically increased recovery speed with our new ReAct technology. By minimizing energy- sapping vibrations, ReAct creates fast action, high line speed rods with all the nuance and feel of a presentation rod.

Check out this behind-the-scenes video taken on site at the Scott factories where these amazing new rods are created:

As with any technologically advanced product, the Radian is not a cheap rod.  The manufacturer’s listed price is $795, but any advanced angler looking for performance should get their money’s worth out of this innovative fly rod.

Also, even if you’ve got a spare $800 burning a hole in your pocket, don’t expect to be able to spend it on a Radian immediately.  Rumor has it that demand is much greater than the available supply at product launch, but it should availability should increase over the next few months.

Update: The Radian is now available at with free shipping.

Additional Feedback From Around The Web

This is Scott’s flagship line and it replaces the S4. Frankly, to my mind it is a whole lot better rod…It’s faster than the G2 but has more tip flex and feel than the current S4. As you would expect from a company like Scott, it has an extremely high-end feel

– Zach Matthews

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Kenai River Fishing With The Gone Fishin’ Lodge

Kenai Fly FishingThe Kenai River in Alaska is one of the top fishing destinations in the world.  Known primarily for it’s heavy salmon runs, it also provides opportunities for rainbow trout and even giant halibut at the nearby Cook Inlet.

The Sportsman’s News Television crew went out on a trip with the professional Kenai fishing guides from Gone Fishin’ Lodge.  This episode has some exciting moments, like catching two halibuts on one line with double hooks, and gorgeous scenery including views of an active smoking volcano peak.

The video below has a few glimpses of fly fishing, but the main fly fishing section starts about 14 minutes into the video.

While Gone Fishin’ Lodge offers a variety of trips, they do have a fly fishing package available throughout the month of August.

Kenai Fishing LodgeThis package includes five trips for Silver Salmon, Trophy Rainbows, and Dolly Varden.  These trips are all guided and are done either wading from sand bars or from drift boats as power boats are not allowed on the Kenai Canyon or the upper river.

Not only with your professionally licensed guides provide all of the gear you’ll need and expert instruction, they’ll also clean, vacuum-pack, and freeze your fish for you.

The package includes 7 nights at the lodge with a daily breakfast bar.  Each room offers all modern amenities including a coffee pot, microwave, full-sized refrigerator, and high-speed WIFI internet access.

After each daily trip, you can continue fishing for salmon on the Kenai River bank right behind the lodge, or relax with a game of ping pong or billiards.  You can also enjoy a movie on one of the televisions and VCRs located in both the recreation room and the lobby.

The lodge is about a three hour drive from Anchorage, and easily accessible by rental car so no special fly-in required.

Here are some reviews from actual customers:

“Absolutely the best fishing packages for the money! We loved it so much, we are already planning on coming back again next year..”

Greg Floresca

“Probably the best fishing trip I’ve made anywhere. I will return…”

Ray Chavira

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