Scott Radian Fly Rod Review

New High-Tech Masterpiece

The early buzz on Scott’s Radian Fly Rod is extremely positive, both for its new performance enhancing features and for its highly appealing cosmetics.

Scott’s tagline for their new fly rod is “fast meets feel”, and they claim that with the Radian anglers no longer have to sacrifice “touch and feel” when they want “power & line speed”.

According to Scott, the way they were able to achieve this is “we dramatically increased recovery speed with our new ReAct technology. By minimizing energy- sapping vibrations, ReAct creates fast action, high line speed rods with all the nuance and feel of a presentation rod.

Check out this behind-the-scenes video taken on site at the Scott factories where these amazing new rods are created:

As with any technologically advanced product, the Radian is not a cheap rod.  The manufacturer’s listed price is $795, but any advanced angler looking for performance should get their money’s worth out of this innovative fly rod.

Also, even if you’ve got a spare $800 burning a hole in your pocket, don’t expect to be able to spend it on a Radian immediately.  Rumor has it that demand is much greater than the available supply at product launch, but it should availability should increase over the next few months.

Update: The Radian is now available at with free shipping.

Additional Feedback From Around The Web

This is Scott’s flagship line and it replaces the S4. Frankly, to my mind it is a whole lot better rod…It’s faster than the G2 but has more tip flex and feel than the current S4. As you would expect from a company like Scott, it has an extremely high-end feel

– Zach Matthews

Sometimes it’s major improvements to rod blank technology that set a new rod apart. Other times, it’s little functional switch-ups and cosmetic changes that woo consumers. In the case of the new Scott Radian, it’s both. In short, Jim Bartschi and his crew at Scott Fly Rods have hit a home run.

Fly Fisherman Magazine July 2013

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Scott Radian Fly Rod
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  • Review Summary:

  • As with any technologically advanced product, the Radian is not a cheap rod.  The manufacturer's listed price is $795, but any advanced angler looking for performance should get their money's worth out of this innovative fly rod.

4 Responses to “Scott Radian Fly Rod Review”

  1. Anthony Davis says:

    Work of art. Love it.

  2. Norton Bullinski says:

    Extremely unhappy with the Radian 9ft 6 wt. It is not as smooth as I hoped for. That “Fast meets Feel” slogan is very inaccurate. Should have purchased the Winston BlllX.

    • Norton Bullinski says:

      Follow-up Note: The mistake made was by me. I should has tested the rod more. An expensive poor choice.

  3. Mikkail Ostapowich says:

    Purchased the Scott Radian 9ft. 5wt. and wished that I did not. After a summer of usage, I found it unpleasant to use. This rod has no “feel” and comes with a “cheap” looking painted black metal on the real seat. A very disappointing purchase. It will be replaced shortly.

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